I moved into Bricket Wood nearly two years ago and suddenly felt the need for some sort of treatment for my body. I saw an advert in our local magazine for Amatsu Therapy but was not sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprized with my very first treatment as I came away feeling relaxed and calm and looking forward to my next appointment.
After a few sessions Fiona suggested I might benefit from a massage.  I have had many massages in my time but I did not want this one to end. I think I had the best night sleep for a long time and felt on top of the world. Because of the treatment I receive from Fiona I would highly recommend her.

Freda D


I cannot recommend Fiona enough. Her regular treatments have really helped me to sleep better and have significantly reduced my pain. I can really tell now, as with the COVID 19 lockdown I have not been able to see her for the last month - and my body is telling me how much it misses her treatments. I cannot wait to book back in when we are allowed to.


I have had treatments from Fiona for knee and back pain. She is always cheerful and I always feel much better after the treatment. Amatsu is a very gentle therapy and I see real improvement after a session.

Kate B


Thank you for the treatment today. Can’t believe how free my shoulders feel xx

Nikki O

Fiona is a wonderful intuitive Amatsu practitioner, very friendly and has worked wonders to ease my aches and pains.

Sally W


Morning Fiona, I feel a miracle has happened. For the first time in years I was able to lie on my side with straight legs in bed! I was also able to roll this morning (without digging my heels in), I’ve not done this since before I had the twins 9 years ago! Amazing!

Anita W


I've never heard of Amatsu until I met Fiona. A really comfortable, non-invasive (fully clothed) therapy for the body! Very pretty cabin where the therapy takes place. Looking forward to my second session!  

Clara V


The therapy is unlike anything else I have experienced but after the second session I could feel my body was different .I really look forward to each session and the changes that it brings. Fiona is really knowledgeable and her expertise really does put me at ease.

I would, and indeed already have, recommended Fiona and Amatsu to friends.

Karen Y


Just wanted to thank you for fitting me in yesterday and to let you know I feel much better today. Was completely whacked out last night and in a lot of pain but like magic today, I feel a whole lot better and my left shoulder is practically perfect and my knees weren’t clicking when I was walking up the stairs at work – hooray!

Ruth L


I'd had a shoulder problem for a while and Fiona managed to sort it out completely. Her service is excellent and she's always really welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend her service!

Gill D


Fiona's Amatsu treatment was extremely thorough. I appreciated the way she took such a detailed medical history and assessed different elements of my body and movements before treatment. The treatment itself was very subtle but effective, and I could feel the benefits for quite some time afterwards. I felt very safe, supported and cared for.

Anne (Watford)


I have treatment & occasional acupuncture from Fiona every week to help with chronic back pain from a horse riding injury & various injuries from working with horses & I can honestly say that it has improved my life dramatically by giving me a way of releasing pain & helping me recover from some very career restricting injuries & after a few months I'm back to riding every day don't know what I would do without her!! ❤️

Bryony A


As a fellow therapist, I could not go a week without Fiona's healing therapy. She doesn't stop learning and improving, and you can feel she honestly care about her clients. Always a highlight of my week, and a very balancing experience 



Thank you for yesterday, I feel 99% better than I was before I saw you. My head has cleared and I seem to have more energy I’m not as sluggish and things seem to be flowing better in my body. Thanks, Amatsu seems to be very beneficial for me.

Terry S


Amatsu has helped me for many years and I wholeheartedly recommend the treatment.
Like any other treatment it can not solve everything but I’ve had treatment for my back, shoulders, knees etc and know that without the treatment my symptoms would not have cleared as quickly, if at all.

Su K


 I have received treatment from Fiona a few times for an intermittent lower back problem. I was very impressed by how quickly she made a diagnosis and how great my back felt after treatment. I felt more flexible. Fiona has also administered acupuncture in the same area which gave me great relief. I would certainly return.

Sue G


I was suffering with a bad back a few months ago and met fiona through work as a customer. She had seen I was in pain and told me what she did as an occupation. She suggested I make an appointment with her and give it try. This will be the fifth time of going to see Fiona and I have had no issues with my back pain since. Plus I feel very relaxed there and always lots conversation. I would highly recommend fiona's work.

Tim (Harpenden)


I had a session with Fiona and it was extremely interesting. Just by lightly touching soft tissue points in my body she could find issues in my body. Every step she took she described, what she was doing so I understood what her intentions were, and what the benefits could be. It's an experience like none I've had before. It's not a massage it's a treatment for any issues you have. I would summarise it as pressure point therapy. She can heal and discover problems in your body. Wow.

Denise (London)


OMG...I had never heard of Amatsu until Fiona treated me, I was really impressed when Fiona could recognise certain ailments which I hadn't disclosed as I didn't think that they related to what I was being treated for. I found the experience so relaxing and calming that I honestly drifted off. 

My shoulders and neck definately felt more flexible and my whole body felt more at ease. I would highly recommend Fiona and look forward to my next appointment.

Tonya H


Absolutely brilliant, Fiona is helping me with my rheumatoid arthritis and I have been seeing her weekly and I guarantee that it is helping me xxx

Laura P


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I have very much appreciated Fiona’s skills and knowledge of Amatsu over the last couple of months and would highly recommend her to anyone out there interested in this fascinating therapy as it could really help you.

Alison W


Thank you for my treatment on Tuesday, I always leave you feeling so much better!



I ruptured 2 discs due to a bike crash in 2008 and underwent a double discectomy. After the operation I was still experiencing severe pain and was regularly seeing physios and chiropractors to help and after 2 years was still suffering. I admit I was very sceptical about amatsu as I knew nothing about it, however after 6 sessions my opinion has changed. I have felt especially after the 4th session I am experiencing huge benefits. In treatment 4m I actually felt something release in my back when Fiona was treating me, since then, my back has been so much better. I find after treatments I sleep very well which is not something I benefit from regularly! I would fully recommend this treatment and Fiona as a therapist.

Jacqui SP